Antoinette Robertson explores true horror in ‘The Blackening’

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By Usa Express Daily

Antoinette Robertson, The Blackening star, shares her personal journey with horror movies and her meaningful experience working on the film. 

As per the actresses, horror movies used to scare her. However, it wasn’t until she grew older that she realized the genre was actually driving her away due to its treatment of Black actors and characters.

During an interview, she explained that the plot of The Blackening resonated deeply with her, as it provided an opportunity for her and her collaborators to infuse some Black joy into a genre that historically has been unwelcoming to Black actors and characters.

Reflecting on her past, Robertson recognizes that her feelings about horror movies were always more nuanced than simple fear of jump scares and monsters.

She explains to The Hollywood Reporter, “To be perfectly honest, because people of color — and Black people specifically — weren’t valued in the horror space, it never made me feel like it was a space I wanted to veer towards.”

“[Black characters in horror] were either a sidekick or something that was a little disposable. So, when the opportunity to take on that particular trope came across my desk, I was more than happy to participate,” she added. 

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