Brad Pitt presents Bradley Cooper with award, recognizes talent since ‘The Hangover’

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By Usa Express Daily

Brad Pitt honors Bradley Cooper at Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

During Thursday’s Santa Barbara International Film Festival, renowned actor Brad Pitt bestowed his longtime friend Bradley Cooper with the Outstanding Performer of the Year award. 

Pitt lauded Cooper for his remarkable performance in the film Maestro, which Pitt hailed as a “masterwork.”

In his tribute, he remarked on the similarities he shares with Cooper, joking about their shared status as movie superstars and their common names. 

Reflecting on Bradley’s portrayal of Phil in The Hangover, he highlighted the subtleties of his performance, particularly his ability to enjoy the irreverence of his co-star Alan, played by Zach Galifianakis.

Furthermore, the 60 year old star praised American Hustle actor’s directorial debut in A Star Is Born, emphasizing the high standards set by previous iterations of the film and Cooper’s exceptional execution in the role.

In discussing his performance in Maestro, Pitt applauded his skill in portraying complex emotions and situations with precision and authenticity, highlighting his seamless coordination with the crew during filming. 

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