Chicken Bhuna Masala With Paratha: A Perfect Meal To Beat Your Midweek Blues


Have you been having a hectic week? Are you feeling low by the end of the day? Trust me; you are not alone. Midweek blues are real, and during this time, our energy levels drop drastically. What do you do then? If you ask us, we look for some entertainment to divert our minds from work deadlines, meetings, and professional commitments. And that is where a delicious meal comes in handy. In fact, there’s nothing better than good food to uplift our mood instantly. On today’s menu, we have chicken bhuna masala with hot and ghee-laden paratha. Sounds delicious? So without further ado, let’s get going.

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Chicken Curry Vs. Chicken Bhuna Masala: What Is The Difference?

“Bhuna” comes from the Persian word ‘bhunna,’ which means ‘frying.’ In a chicken bhuna masala recipe, you need to fry loads of masalas along with chicken to make an almost dry dish. Whereas, chicken curry has a good amount of gravy to go with rice, pulao, fried rice, etc.

Secondly, chicken bhuna masala is spicier than chicken curry and makes a perfect dish for those who have their spice tolerance on the higher side.

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Chicken Bhuna Masala Recipe | How To Make Chicken Bhuna Masala:

Chicken bhuna masala is a North Indian recipe that instantly tugs at heartstrings. The dish is prepared by roasting chicken in a pool of aromatic, rustic spices. What we enjoy the most is the interesting balance of sweet and spicy flavours in the recipe.

To make the dish, you ideally need chicken leg pieces, along with dahi, garlic, chilli, bay leaf, and other kitchen spices. Start by marinating the chicken and leaving it to rest for an hour. Then, cook the chicken well in a pan. Add some spices, vinegar, etc., and cook until the chicken turns soft. Finally, garnish with coriander leaves and serve with hot paratha. Find the recipe here.

How To Make Paratha At Home | Tips To Make Paratha Like A Pro:

We just love parathas. Be it plain ajwain paratha or spicy stuffed ones, paratha always tastes good. To pair with chicken bhuna masala, we’ve got you a plain paratha recipe that is soft and fluffy, with a flaky outer cover. Click here for some fool-proof tips to make paratha at home.

Enjoy your meal!


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