Cottonwood Heights police officers collect money for victim who had child’s Christmas gifts stolen

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COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — The Christmas season can be considered the season of giving. It’s a phrase the Cottonwood Heights Police Department put into action after a burglary involving a child’s Christmas presents.

The suspect or suspects had taken all of the gifts from inside a storage shed that a mother was planning on giving to her child just four days before Christmas.

It happened on Thursday at an apartment complex at the intersection of Fort Union Blvd. and Union Park Avenue.

“This woman did everything right. It’s not like she left the packages on the doorstep or unattended in a vehicle,” said Cottonwood Heights Police Chief Robby Russo. “She’s a hardworking person who did what she could for her family. She was able to buy these gifts and put them away and thought she was going to have a great Christmas. And someone came in and took that from her.”

Instead of moving on, the officer who responded decided to do something more immediate, Russo said.

“(The officer) had a conversation with his colleagues and they decided to get together and they were not going to let this happen to this this woman and this family. So they reached in their own pockets,” he said.

In fact, officers doubled the amount of money the items where worth, according to Russo. Officers presented the money to her on Friday.

Russo said he’s proud of his officer who stepped up, adding that he’s not surprised by their actions.

“It takes a person of special character to do this job to begin with,” he said. “You know, they’re not in it for the fame or the money or the glory. They’re into it because truly they want to give back to the community.”

The theft is still under investigation.

Russo wants to assure the victim that Cottonwood Heights is safe and the officers will do everything they can to help find the suspect(s).

“This person is the quintessential Grinch,” Russo said of the suspect or suspects. “And if we find you, we will put you in jail.”

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