Eras Tour ACCIDENT: Taylor Swift’s ‘life flashed before my eyes’

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By Usa Express Daily

Taylor Swift slips during Tokyo Eras Tour performnace 

Taylor Swift opens up about what she felt when the singer almost fell down a flight of stairs after having a slip during her Eras Tour concert in Tokyo, Friday night.

A video posted on social media shows the Karma singer strolling down a flight of steps at her “Folklore” cabin in an ethereal-looking outfit before slipping and catching herself.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” she later told the audience while laughing it off.

“It’s all good, everything’s fine, everything’s great. I’m just so happy that I didn’t fall.”

Swifties, of course, have lovingly nicknamed the pop star’s Eras Tour the “Errors Tour” after she made a few mistakes during performances.

Most, however, were merely concerned for her safety.

“I’m really glad that she wears that safety harness strap because if she didn’t have it and she lost her balance just a little more that could ended in a nasty fall,” commented one Swiftie.

“doe [sic] she have a safety belt?? that’s dangerous,” pointed out another fan.

“laugh aside but that’s actually so dangerous,” tweeted a third fan.

The newest gaffe came only two days after Swift nearly fell off her chair while playing “Vigilante S-t.”

The vocalist was supposed to straddle the chair during the song, but she miscalculated and missed the seat Wednesday night.

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