Jennifer Lopez shocks fans with new wedding in latest music video


Jennifer Lopez stuns as a bride in cant get enough music video
Jennifer Lopez stuns as a bride in ‘can’t get enough’ music video

Jennifer Lopez is still in her bride phase.

Although Jennifer Lopez has a thing for wedding gowns—she’s worn plenty of them on screen and in real life—she may have pulled off her most daring bridal outfit to yet in the teaser reel for her new music video, Can’t Get Enough, which was posted on Instagram on Monday.

“Can’t wait for Can’t Get Enough in days!!!” the 54-year-old pop queen said in a preview for the music video, showcasing a jaw-dropping wedding gown with enormous heart cutouts, adding, “#THISISMENOW The wait is almost over…”

In the video, Lopez dances with several grooms, including pro dancer Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars, switching up her bridal look from a short, puffy minidress to a long-sleeved gown with a provocative surprise at the top.

The entire scope of the design is shown as she dances down the aisle.

Aside from the outrageous cutouts, Lopez’s accessories in the film with a lovely hairbow worn behind a little veil while sporting a half-up hairstyle for the moment.

On Saturday, Lopez shared an additional teaser for the song video, giving fans a closer look at the shorter wedding gown. She accessorised it with a massive diamond choker and thigh-high white stockings.

Commenting on the singer’s fondness for bridal appearances, both on and off screen, fans were mad. One even made the joke, “This woman has been a bride for 30 years.”

“Wonder how many times J. Lo has been in a wedding dress for movie, video and real life” another enquired.

“I’ve never seen anybody so obsessed with wedding dresses” a third commented, while a fourth Instagram user wrote, “thought it was another wedding movie, but it’s actually…a wedding video lol. Go Lo.”


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