Kate Middleton leaves an impact on Roger Federer

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Roger Federer, who has been retired from playing professional tennis, attended Wimbledon as a spectator at this year’s event with Kate Middleton.

The 41-year-old, who sat in the royal box with Kate Middleton and his wife Mirka Federer for day two of the tournament, has spoken about his experience of having the company of Prince William’s wife. 

Federer’s words suggest Kate has left an impact on him as he said: “It was so fun sitting next to Princess Catherine. I know her quite well. She is an avid tennis fan, and she plays herself.”

He, speaking to Town & Country, added: “Sometimes we have to be careful we don’t speak too much. You can talk, and then it’s super quiet, and then you have to applaud.”

Kate and Federer have been friends for quite some time now and the tennis champ has even visited Kate’s parents’ home in Bucklebury to give Prince George, now 10, a private lesson.

Speaking on the experience, he shared: “At that stage it’s all about just touching the ball, it’s already good. Same with my boys.”

“I think I have a little advantage that I actually spent some time, you know, with him. I’m the only player he’s ever met. Then you have a little head start on who is your favourite player.”

He added: “I love to see that they’re into tennis or into sports … his mum has always enjoyed their tennis … I hope that he’ll still say the same in a few years’ time.”

Kate Middleton leaves an impact on Roger Federer

Federer, who won an Open Era-record eight Wimbledon singles titles during his illustrious tennis career, was also honoured for his stellar sporting achievement in a special ceremony at Wimbledon.

The Princess of Wales looked all excited to catch up with the 20-time Grand Slam champion but the star’s wife Mirka did not look thrilled on the big day of her husband. It seemed as the Prince William’s wife took Federer’s wife’s smile away with her close bond with the tennis star at the ceremony.

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