Katie Price takes aim at Love Island in live TikTok broadcast

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Katie Price takes aim at Love Island in live TikTok broadcast

Former glamour model Katie Price recently disliked the reality TV show Love Island, calling it a ‘set up’. 

According to her, all the couples in this year’s show are fake. She had quite a change in opinion as she previously adored the summer series of the show.

Katie, mum-of-five, shared her thoughts on Love Island through a TikTok video. She said that Love Islanders are in a panic mood with the end of the ITV2 dating show nearing, reports Mirror.

Katie Price 

During her live broadcast on TikTok, the model asked her followers if anyone had watched Love Island this year and didn’t shy away from sharing her opinion. She said, “It’s just so set up now that it’s ending, isn’t it? I think it hasn’t worked this year.”

She continued, “There are no solid couples in the show, at least not for me.”

Katie ranted about Love Island and took a hit at Phillip Schofield who left ITV earlier this year following his confession of having an affair with a younger employee.

Katie claimed that many people in the entertainment industry are two-faced and appear to be nice on camera and are a**holes in real life, indicating towards Schofield.

She said that Phillip don’t like her either.

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