Meghan Markle will ‘ultimately lord over Hollywood’: ‘it’s not so far-fetched’

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By Usa Express Daily

Royal experts believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan to ‘lord over Hollywood’ like its their backyard.

These claims and statements about Meghan Markle’s behaviour and personality have been shared by former Palace aide Paul Burell.

He broke everything down right alongside Slingo, during a candid interview.

Mr Burell started the entire conversation off by issuing a warning about ‘underestimating’ the Duchess of Sussex and went as far as to say, “Don’t underestimate Meghan, she’s ambitious.”

“What if she became Governor of California and lords over Hollywood, her backyard is Hollywood. Arnold Schwarzenegger did it, Ronald Reagan did it. Why couldn’t Meghan and Harry do it?” he also asked.

Mr Burell feels, “they could become a power couple and “it’s not so far-fetched because they have to keep going on, they have to keep reinventing themselves because if they don’t, that brand is going to disappear; the Sussex brand will disappear.”

Not to mention, they still have the favour of King Charles because he’s “been very kind to Harry and Meghan because he loves Harry. He’s his son and he hasn’t taken their titles away.”

While, “I mean, there are many people that would say their titles should be stripped from them because they’re no longer working royals.”

But “I don’t think the king has an appetite for that because that’s negative and he’s attacking them back and I don’t think the king wants to light the touch paper and watch the fireworks go off.” (sic)

“I don’t think there’s any way back to Britain for Harry and Meghan. But I do think there’s a world out there that is still fascinated by it, by them.”

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