‘Mormon Land’: Preserving the Kirtland and Manti temples — through the eyes of LDS historians

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By Usa Express Daily

Efforts pay tribute to pioneers of the past while protecting the sites into the future.

(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) The Kirtland Temple, left, was purchased by the Salt Lake City-based faith in March from the Community of Christ. The Manti Temple, right, was recently renovated and is open for public tours before being rededicated in April.

In the past, historians and preservationists were not always pleased with how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints treated its treasured buildings. Bulldozing Utah’s Coalville Tabernacle and gutting the Logan Temple led to cries of anguish from insiders and outsiders alike.

These days, though, the same groups are lauding the painstaking and resplendent renovation of the faith’s pioneer-era Manti Temple, which is now open to public tours. And they are reassured by the Salt Lake City-based church’s plans for its recent purchase of Mormonism’s first temple, in Kirtland, Ohio.

On this week’s show, Matthew Grow, managing director of the church’s History Department, and Emily Utt, a curator of Latter-day Saint historic sites, discuss these preservation efforts.

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