Prince Harry has ‘been found out’: ‘Nothing is safe anymore’

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Prince Harry has ‘been found out’: ‘Nothing is safe anymore’

Claims against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and findings that they’ve been ‘found out in Hollywood has just been brought to light.

These accusations against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been brought to light by royal photographer Arthur Edwards.

He weighed in on everything during an appearance for True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat.

Mr Edwards started the entire chat off by explaining just how untrustworthy Prince Harry is considered in the Royal Family.

So much so that, “When Harry comes to London now [the Royal Family] don’t talk in front of him, because they know that anything they say in private will probably end up on the screen somewhere.”

“And I think he’s been found out in America, both of them have,” Mr Edwards also went on to note when discussing the complexities of their situation in the US.

Before concluding he alo said, “They’re getting ridiculed by these late-night presenters… their reign of making huge amounts of money from documentaries is coming to an end.”

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