Prince Harry’s life events not included in ‘The Crown’ explained

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If Prince Harry’s memoir had been released sooner, The Crown might have presented the Royal family with even more difficult watching.

The head of research for the Netflix series, Annie Sulzberger, stated to The Telegraph that if the book had been published a year earlier, the production could have used it as a source.

She did, however, note that she and her five-person research team are “very careful” when it comes to accepting first-person accounts as historical fact.

She told the paper: “There were nice details in there that I think were useful and, had we got it a year earlier, maybe it would have made more of a difference.”

“It was very interesting to read and to be able to get his insider understanding of his experiences within the family at a time, but it didn’t affect us enormously in the end.”

Prince Harry spoke to numerous media outlets as part of a promotional effort for the publication of Spare in January. The Crown was wrapped up filming for its sixth and final season at this same period.

The last episodes chronicled the terrible murder of Princess Diana, her liaison with Dodi Al Fayed, William and Harry’s teenage years, and the former’s encounter with Kate Middleton during his time as a St. Andrew’s University student. They were released in two parts throughout the months of November and December.

Sulzberger said: “We were done with quite a bit of it so we didn’t go back and reshoot because Harry’s book came out.”

Nevertheless, a few details did have an impact on the programme, such as the setup of “Club H,” the exclusive nightclub Prince Charles constructed for his sons at his Highgrove home.

“It came out in time for some of the episodes where we show the Highgrove party and H Club, we were able to get a little bit of a sense of like ‘oh, it’s in a basement and there’s a light’ and those sorts of things,” Sulzberger added.

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