Rainy Season Got You Craving Litchis? Here’s How To Spot the Perfect Pick

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During the rainy season, you get a range of juicy, delicious fruits to add to the vibe of the season. But unfortunately, it also brings along multiple health hazards, most of which are food-borne. Due to the extreme humidity in the weather, food attracts excess moisture and turns into breeding grounds for germs, insects, and pests. Hence, it is always advised to take extra care of what you eat. Today, we will talk about one of the most popular monsoon fruits – litchi (or lychee). This juicy, aromatic, bite-sized fruit has a semi-transparent fleshy body and a hard red outer shell. You need to open the shell and eat the fruit in one go.
Amidst it all, we often miss noticing the insects breeding in the inner corners of the litchi. Sounds creepy? But you don’t need to worry as we have found some amazing tips to pick the good litchis and toss the spoilt ones.
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How To Tell If A Litchi Has Gone Bad: 5 Tips To Pick The Right Kind Of Litchi For Consumption:

1. Check the shell:

Always try to pick the litchis that have a red and bright outer covering. If it turns brown or grey, there is a possibility that it is spoilt or rotten from within.

2. The flesh should be firm:

After de-shelling, see if the flesh of the litchi is firm, tight, and opaque. Any kind of discolouration means the fruit has fermented from within.

3. Check the size of the seed:

As per experts, the smaller the seed, the fresher the litchi is. All you need to do is press the centre of the fruit to determine.

4. Examine the stem area:

This is of utmost importance. Insects and pests generally gather at this nodal point. So, always de-shell the litchi and check the node to find any kind of insect in there. If the litchi is spoilt, then you will find small whitish insects crawling around. We understand the sight is not at all pleasant! But like it or not, this examination is a must.

5. Check the smell:

Finally, check how the litchi smells. Ideally, it should have a strong, sweet aroma. If you get any kind of foul odour, then understand that the litchi is rotten and discard it immediately.
Now that you have followed the steps and picked the right ones, we say, devour them as they are and enjoy! And if you want some litchi-based recipes, then here are some options to try!

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