‘Venus’: Zara Larson tells freedom’ journey towards new album

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Zara Larson talks about new album ‘Venus’ 

Zara Larson got candid about her new album Venus and the motivation behind it.

The singer has gone through a lot since releasing her debut album 1 in 2014, which is why she is enjoying her newfound creative space.

“This era is the fun, free, lover era,” she says of her fourth album, Venus, which was released today.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. She’s Aphrodite. She has many names, but Venus is just embodying what the album is about. It’s the kind of energy I want to bring into the new year, I want to step into my goddess-y vibe of feeling confident.”

That means experiencing a few administrative modifications in the run-up to Venus. In 2022, the 26-year-old, who broke big internationally in 2017 with her sophomore album So Good and top 20 single Never Forget You, announced the formation of her own record company Sommer House.

The transfer also coincided with the acquisition of her past catalogue, giving her the opportunity to create music while knowing that the artistic benefits (and dangers) were entirely on her shoulders.

“It definitely gave me a sense of security in knowing that I have the songs, and I actually think it’s quite rare for artists to be motivated by money and financial gains. If anything, we’re just hungry for people’s validation and respect,” she says.

“But it definitely gives you a sense of security because in a way, that’s sort of a retirement fund. I do think also that the older I get, the more I’m focused on, what is some shit that I want to create? It doesn’t even have to be, ‘Who am I?’ It’s just, what do I want to do right now in this moment?”

With that, Venus started to emerge from its shell. She began laying the groundwork for “Venus”—a romantically minded collection of shellacked, snackable pop gems—shortly after her 2021 pandemic release Poster Girl. The first recordings took place in Los Angeles with Rick Nowels, the renowned producer/songwriter.

They initially bumped heads before getting into a rhythm that produced half of the music featured on the compilation.

“We would bicker a lot,” she said of the producer. “When I first started working with him, I was like, this guy is a weirdo. Then the more we were working, I was like, he’s amazing because he’s so passionate. He’s stubborn, and I’m stubborn, too.”

“I felt a lot less pressure in making this album,” she said of the album Venus.

She adds “I felt so much pressure after ‘So Good’ in coming up with something that was equally as successful numbers-wise. And I just did not feel this way creating this album. I think the more music I write, the more fun I want to have.

I just want to get to the essence and the core of who I am as a person and artist. It’s a journey, and I think I’m on the path there. But I wasn’t boxed in and thinking, ‘Oh my god I have to make the perfect pop album. I have to make people love me.’ I still really want that, but it’s a little bit more like me, actually.”

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