Viral: Adorable Video Of Toddler Running With Ice Cream Tub Draws 157 Million Views


The Internet is brimming with adorable videos featuring kids and food. We’ve seen videos showcasing their first taste of lemon, kids looking utterly cute with chocolate-covered faces and much more. These videos never fail to leave social media users in awe. In one such delightful addition, we witness a toddler joyfully running with an ice cream box. Did we hear “cute” already? The Instagram video posted by @shahbaajsinghmutti begins with the little one hurriedly opening the refrigerator. As the child throws open the refrigerator door and grabs the ice cream tub, his mother says in Punjabi, “Thehar ja zara [Just wait].” However, the determined little one is not ready to part ways with his yummy treat. He dashes off at full speed, even dropping the box along the way. He quickly retrieves it and rushes towards the sofa.
Once the toddler climbs onto the sofa and settles down, he quickly opens the box and dips his finger into the creamy delight. After licking his fingers covered in ice cream, the little one charmingly exclaims, “Yummy!”
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“Nonstop entertainment,” reads the caption to the video.

Take a look at the video below:

This video has clocked more that more than 157 million views with over 4.5 million likes on Instagram. After taking a look at the clip, many people shared their reactions in the comment section.
A user wrote, “So beautiful to watch kids grow.” Another one humorously added, “The sofa is the safe zone.” A person said, “That ‘Yummy’ got me.”
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“He opened that refrigerator like, who cares, I want that ice cream, period,” read a comment. Many related to the kid’s sentiment. One wrote, “Us kiddo us.” Someone commented, “He opened the refrigerator like a car door.”
Are you missing the joy of sneakily taking ice cream off the fridge after watching this video? Share your childhood food memories in the comments section.


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