Viral Video: Elderly Man’s Reaction To Surprise Birthday Cake Has Internet In Tears

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In a heartwarming tale that has taken the internet by storm, a simple act of kindness has touched the hearts of millions. Meet Leo, an elderly man who works tirelessly as a dishwasher in a local restaurant. As Leo stepped into work on his birthday, he expected it to be just another regular day at the restaurant. Little did he know that his colleagues had a heartwarming plan up their sleeve. They had secretly baked a luscious strawberry cake, adorned with the words “Happy Birthday Leo,” to brighten his day.  When the moment finally arrived and the cake was unveiled, Leo’s eyes welled up with tears of joy. A video capturing the moment was shared online and went viral in no time.
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The video contains the text, “I baked a cake and surprised our dishwasher on his birthday. It had been a long time since he had gotten a cake on his birthday so I wanted to make his day special. He is an amazing guy! He works hard, is the sweetest person, and brings us sweets every single day. Happy birthday Leo! We love you,” adding, “He loved it. He said those are tears of joy.”
The joy on Leo’s face is contagious, and it appears that the internet could not help but smile with him.
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Take a look at the video below:

This moving clip has secured more than 1.5 million views on Instagram. The internet was flooded with love and admiration for the thoughtful colleagues, who made Leo’s birthday special. Thousands of users also wished Leo on the occasion.
“This made me cry because simple kindness like this makes people feel special, seen and loved/part of a team! Bless her for doing that for him,” wrote one person.
“Those are tears of a man who rarely sees his kindness returned to him. God bless him and his thoughtful colleagues!” added another.
One user wrote, “Everyone is still a kid inside when it comes to birthdays – we just want to be seen on our special day. This is beautiful.”
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