Weekend Delight: Try Peshawari Chicken Biryani For A Flavourful Feast

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If there is one dish that defines royalty in the truest sense, it has to be biryani. This dish is prepared by delicately layering rice and meat, which are cooked in aromatic masalas. It is extremely rich and flavourful, and is something that we crave whenever we like having something indulgent. While there is a plethora of delectable biryanis to choose from, there’s no harm in experimenting and having some more recipes up our sleeve, right? And being a weekend, it’s just the perfect time to indulge in this royal dish. Today, we’re excited to share a chicken biryani recipe straight from the streets of Peshawar in Pakistan. This exquisite dish will certainly lighten up your weekend.
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About Peshawari Chicken Biryani:

Peshawari chicken biryani has a rich flavour due to the addition of dry fruits. Photo Credit: iStock

Peshawari chicken biryani is a staple dish in Pakistan. Unlike traditional biryani, the meat is cooked separately in this variation. Rice too is cooked partially in a separate pot. They are then layered together and cooked again for the final result. Peshawari chicken biryani has a rich flavour due to the addition of dry fruits. It is extremely aromatic and is popularly made on special occasions and festivals. This dish tastes best when paired with some refreshing raita. It makes for a royal addition to your menu for weekend get-togethers.
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Peshawari Chicken Biryani Recipe: How To Make Peshawari Chicken Biryani

First, wash the rice nicely and soak it in water for around 20-30 minutes. Drain and keep aside. For the marinade, combine the chicken pieces with dahi, ginger-garlic paste, haldi, biryani masala, garam masala, red chilli powder, and salt in a bowl. Mix well. Keep it in the refrigerator for a while. Boil water in a kadhai and add the soaked rice to it. Add bay leaf, cloves, elaichi, a cinnamon stick, and salt. Cook until the rice is partially done. In a heavy-bottomed pot, add a layer of marinated chicken and top it with the partially cooked rice. Top it with some chopped tomatoes, onions, and coriander leaves. Drizzle oil and repeat the process of layering until it is full to the top. You can even add some saffron strands or kewra water for flavouring. Cover the pot with aluminium foil and cook on a low flame for 40-45 minutes. Serve hot and enjoy!

For the complete recipe for Peshawari chicken biryani, click here.

Make this mouth-watering biryani this weekend and impress your family with your culinary skills. Do let us know how they liked its taste in the comments below. Happy Weekend!
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