Who Has Been Charged in the Election Inquiry in Georgia

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The indictment released Monday in a Georgia election interference case targeting former President Donald J. Trump and his associates includes 135 total criminal charges against 19 people. It differs from the federal indictment of Mr. Trump in a separate election case earlier this month in that it charges accomplices who are suspected of helping him seek to overturn his 2020 election loss.

The former president has now been indicted in four separate criminal investigations this year.

The former mayor of New York first made his name as a U.S. attorney who used racketeering charges to pursue organized crime. Now he himself faces a racketeering charge for his central role in the plot to keep Mr. Trump in power.

A key legal architect of the effort to keep Mr. Trump in power using bogus slates of Trump electors in swing states won by Joseph R. Biden Jr.

An attorney working with the Trump team who advanced false claims at a legislative hearing in Georgia.

One of the most prominent lawyers advancing false claims of vote fraud and advising Mr. Trump to fight his election loss. She promised to “release the Kraken.”

One of the lawyers who played a central role in developing the idea of having Trump supporters pretend to be electors from states won by Mr. Biden.

Mr. Meadows was deeply involved in efforts to keep Mr. Trump in power. During a visit to Georgia, he showed up at a vote-counting facility and put Mr. Trump on the phone with a top state elections investigator.

A senior Trump campaign staff member who played a role in the fake electors plot.

A former senior Justice Department official who caused outrage among his colleagues by advancing false election fraud claims and seeking to intervene in the presidential election in Georgia.

A former election supervisor of Coffee County, Ga., who is suspected of helping Trump supporters access the county’s voting equipment.

A longtime Georgia plaintiff’s attorney, he has been a lead lawyer in litigation related to the 2020 election. His indictment follows false assertions at a legislative hearing where he claimed election workers were double- and triple-counting votes.

Ms. Ellis said she was part of an “elite strike force team” of lawyers who appeared at public hearings and amplified the president’s false claims of widespread voter fraud.

Ms. Latham is a former head of the Republican Party in rural Coffee County, where she was involved in an effort by pro-Trump forces to copy sensitive election software in January 2021. Ms. Latham was also one of 16 fake electors in Georgia who cast their electoral votes for Mr. Trump.

A former state senator and the former chair of the Georgia Republican Party, Mr. Shafer, portraying himself as the “chairperson” of the Electoral College of Georgia, filed 16 fake electoral votes for Mr. Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence.

A Georgia state senator who was one of the bogus electors who sought to keep Mr. Trump in power after his loss to Mr. Biden.

Ms. Kutti used to be publicist for Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. Prosecutors said she took part in a plot to pressure a Fulton County election worker to falsely admit committing fraud on Election Day in 2020.

A Lutheran pastor from Illinois who is among those implicated in efforts to intimidate Atlanta election workers.

A former mixed martial arts fighter who once led a group called “Black Voices for Trump” and is among those implicated in efforts to intimidate Atlanta election workers.

An Atlanta-area Trump supporter and bail bondsman who took part in a plan by Trump allies to access election equipment in rural Coffee County, Ga.

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